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Maple and Motor is the combination of two neighbors, their culinary roots, and the desire to create a place that celebrates low-class cool.  The food is based on American fare: from burgers to the famous baloney sandwich.  

Come and get it!

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A half-pound of finely ground American beef, flat-grilled in its own juices. Dressed in traditional Texas fashion, with mustard, lettuce, red onion and pickle.

Served on a hot, toasted, grill-shined bun.



If perfect ain't enough, add a slunk of American, Cheddar, or Pepper Jack.


Fried Baloney Sandwich

the flat hot dog

Just like your mom used to make (for me). A thick quarter-inch slice of American baloney fried and served:

Cincinnati-style - Star-cut with mayo, lettuce and tomato

Cowboy style - Cup-fried with chili, cheese and chopped onion.


Flat-top Brisket Sandwich

This is not your daddy's barbecue sandwich (unless I'm your daddy). A generous portion of slow-cooked brisket, sliced from the point and crisply seared on the flat-top grill. Served slathered with mayo, topped with lettuce and tomato and on a grilled bun.


Grilled Cheese Sandwich

For those born with grinding teeth only, your choice of American, Cheddar or Pepper Jack cheese. Perfectly melted and grilled on Texas Toast.



Crispy fried Wright brand bacon (is there any other?), perfectly grilled, sandwiched between Texas Toast with its two favorite companions, lettuce and tomato.


Yardbird Sandwich

If you gotta eat chicken, this is a good one. Lightly seared and cooked without any oil or breading. A good option if you're afraid of your cardiologist.


Chicken Tender Basket

Three big, homestyle chicken tenders, served with your choice of fries, onion rings or tater tots. Try it as a sandwich.


Upstream Sockeye Salmwich

Honeyboy Salmon mixed up the way my Grandmother did for her croquettes. We patty it, fry it and put it on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato and Redneck Remoulade. Nothing like it in Dallas. 



Double meat $4.95  Chili or Bacon $2.95   Jalapenos $1.50

American, Cheddar, Pepper Jack  $.95  Griddled onions $.95

Fried egg $1.75


French fries, Tater tots, chips $3.85   Beer-battered onion rings $4.25

Cheese fries or tater tots with bacon and jalapenos $6.75   Add chili $7.45

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Let us cater your party or event! Hey, we even do weddings!

Contact us:


Come See Us!

Maple & Motor

4810 Maple Ave

Dallas, TX 75220


Mon. - Sat. 10:45-9:00

Sun. 11:00-4:00

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